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    Turn Back Time with Safe and Effective Botox Treatments in Barrington

    For those that are considering a safe and effective treatment for wrinkles, consider Botox for the face. At Regency Medical Spa we offer Botox services that help you maintain a young and youthful appearance. Our Botox treatments are approved by the FDA as a cosmetic medical procedure that helps smooth glabellar lines that tend to be severe between brows on men and women. Your next Botox treatment can feel like a trip to the spa when you make an appointment with us. Our caring healthcare professionals can help you schedule an appointment to learn about Botox treatments in Barrington, IL. With a simple injection into the proper muscles, you will be enjoying a beautiful wrinkle free complexion within just a few days.

    Botox Treatments: Giving You Revolutionary Choices for Cosmetic Procedures

    Since 2002 Botox treatments have been reducing wrinkles and lines in the face of millions of men and women. Botox has also been known to help treat headaches and reduce the amount of underarm sweat for some individuals too. It is a much safer method than plastic surgery and can be accomplished with a visit to Regency Medical Spa. A purified protein is injected in problematic wrinkle areas to offer a more smooth appearance within just a few days. In order to make sure you keep such a beautiful and young appearance, it is important to schedule recurring appointments so you can maintain your youthful transition. Be sure to inquire with us about Botox specials in Barrington.

    Botox Treatments We Offer

    • Boost Eyebrows
    • Prevent Crow’s Feet
    • Uplift Mouth Corners
    • Release Frown Lines
    • Erase Worry Lines
    • Lift a Droopy Nose
    • Boost the Neck Line

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    We offer many different types of Botox treatments for new and repeat clients. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals, and enjoy all of the benefits Botox has to offer.

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