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    We all want to look our best. That’s not always easy, especially as forehead, eyes and frown lines start to develop. As these creases deepen they can make us appear old looking or angry, when in fact we actually feel quite content. Xeomin® helps eliminate these perpetual lines and frowning, and helps restore a more serene quality to our faces.


    Xeomin® is the trade name for botulinum toxin type A, one of several different toxins produced by Clostridium bacteria. The bacterium itself is not injected. The injected toxin is a protein manufactured by the bacterium, and when injected, it temporarily paralyzes the muscles underlying wrinkles, smoothing out the skin on top. It inhibits the nerve terminal, so that the muscle will not respond. You literally can’t frown after the treatment, but you don’t lose sensation or expression.


    Xeomin® injections cause almost no redness or swelling. You may drive yourself to and from the treatments and resume normal activities immediately.
    After your injections you should not touch your face for 24 hours to reduce the risk of moving the botulinum into a contiguous muscle, paralyzing it which is not the intent.
    There is always a small risk of bruising, we make every effort to reduce this risk but with all procedures it is possible.
    On the first night after your treatment, please attempt to sleep without having your face down.
    Unexpected but occasional post treatment side effects include flu like symptoms, allergic reaction, headache and nausea.
    Do not engage in vigorous exercise or activities for the rest of the day.
    After treatment, approximately 3 – 10 days from the day of the treatment you will start to see the results, please wait until after this initial period before judging them.


    Xeomin® is given with such a tiny needle that there is minimal discomfort involved, but it is a needle. Should patients have an aversion to needles, an analgesic cream is used.

    There can be a slight chance of minimal and temporary bruising at the injection site. Other negative side effects can be eyelid drooping if the Xeomin® seeps below the eyebrow and hits the muscle that controls the lid, BUT that is very rare. And, it’s probably related to the injection technique, and/or the placement or rate of injection.


    The overlying skin remains smooth and unwrinkled while the untreated facial muscles contract in a normal fashion, reversing the visible signs of aging. The results last, on average, three to four months. However, after three or four treatment sessions, some patients have experienced a more long-lasting effect. Xeomin® is known to last as long as seven months in some patients. Xeomin® will not improve sagging skin or replace the need for a facelift. Xeomin® cannot improve wrinkles not caused by muscle contractions.

    Individual results may vary.

    For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), click here.

    Examples of Xeomin® before and after results: